måndag 2 maj 2016

Mating beween Jotka and Geist

On the 29/4 Jotka and Geist mated, so now we hope for puppies in early July.

More info about the parents can be found on their respective sides of the tab Dogs and Puppy Info tab.
Below you can find pictures of Geist , Jotka and from the start of Polardistans 160 (which was 175km this year). The team won Polardistans with a victory margin of more than 10hours and a total time of 19hours and 25 minutes including the mandatory rest period of 10 minutes. 

If you are interested in buying a puppy 
call tel +46700405267 
or e-mail bielkersmils@gmail.com
Geist 160501

Geist 160501

Start 2016 of  Polardistans 160 with four eager dogs. Corona and Etna in lead and Jotka and Geist as wheeldogs.
The musher is Håkan.
Jotka spring 2015

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