söndag 21 februari 2016

The BIG Challange - 554km Finnmarkslöpet 500

Monday 29th of February it's off to Alta and starting in Finnmarkrace 500 with sleigh and eight dogs. Training season has offered relatively good conditions and competition dogs have uptil now ran about 2700km. Unfortunately, Deimos has had some kind of injury and has a sore paw, he shows no lameness, but to start Finnmark with a dog in pain is not an option so it is likely that the youngster Mieto will take his place in the team. Håkan is now out running with him to see how his paw will hold. Now we keep our fingers crossed for good weather (about minus10-15 and no rain or snow) and that we all, Håkan, I and the dogs will be healthy - and of course that the dogs are really eager to run on March 5 when the race starts. Recently the Nordic samojed championship ended in Furudal.
Congratulations to Madde and Igor and Gustaf and Frey who all passed the mile in the hour .This ment that Igor and Frey were awarded DP10. BIG CONGRATS !!! We also want to congratulate Bielkersmils Fantastic Frey of Nallo "Frej" to the third place on the list for this year's show dogs in 2015! BIG CONGRATS! Finally we also want to congratulate Lars and his seven team who managed the DP60 test in Furudal. BIG CONGRATS! and Bielkersmils Ejla of Pepper "Lexie" with Lars who passed the mile in the hour with sledge and was awardedt DP10 BIG CONGRATS!

Madde and Igor after DP10

Frej is eager to run

Lexie is groomed after DP10