lördag 29 oktober 2011

Lovely photos

Today I have recieved some new lovely photos from Lotta and Lars! Enjoy yourself!

Leika enjoyes life

on a lovely autumn walk in the woods

afterwards it's nice to rest close to half sisters daughter

but soon Leika is ready for some excitement again

Lotta and Lexi out for a training tour

Frost has moved

Yet another puppy has moved. I believe Sälka has noticed that her bunch of puppies has shrunk since she seems a bit more concerned.
Frost has moved to his new family in Norway. He left this morning and has a long trip ahead of him since his new home is in Tronfheim at Hilde, Öjvind, their two sons, the cat and the samoyed female Sita. we wish the faily good luck with their new family member and we are sure that Frost soon will feel at home .

Hilde, Frost, Öjvind

torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Frej has moved

Nw Frej has moved to his new owners, Madde and Gustaf in Gothemburg. We wish them good luck with their new familymember and we are sure Frej will enjoy himself.

Gustaf, Madde and Frej
and we are waiting for cooler weather so we can start training properly. Some days ago, in the evening as it was a bit cooler we went for a 12km long trainingtour. The dogs enjoyed it of course, but we know they will like it even better if it's below zero, so now we are hopeing for cooler weather.

söndag 23 oktober 2011

Fiery Etna has moved

So even one more weekend has passed, filled of different chores and dog training. The leaves have fallen and the trees stand all naked. In the evening Jupiter rises and beams brightly on the dark sky next to millions of stars.
Yesterday I groomed both Spira and Birk. The females, who are in the same cage as Birk, seemed to be excited by his new apperance, and I must agree, he did look good.
In the evening, our son Johannes and Håkan went training with eight of the dogs. The temperature was about tern degrees so they weren't to eager to run, hopefully it will be cooler soon.
Today Lotta, Lars and Lexi have visited us to collect Fiery Etna, who will be called Leika. It was so nice to meet them again. Lexi, the daughter of Teusa and Pepper from E-litter, seems to be a very good stepmother.


Lotta. Lars and Leika

fredag 21 oktober 2011

The first puppies have left

Now the two first puppies have left and moved to their new owners. We wish Lotta & Andreas good luck with their new family member and Danielle and Marcus with their new family member. We are quite sure that the puppies will enjoy themselves at their new homes.

Andreas, Lotta and Fierce Fantom

Danielle, Marcus and FebrileYoki

söndag 16 oktober 2011

Puppies almost 8 weeks old

The puppies will be eight weeks this week and some of them will be moving to their new homes. They are all very curious and full of energy so it's not the easiest thing to catch them for a photo.

Winered female has now been named Bielkersmils Famous Etna of Nallo

Bielkersmils Fiery Etna of Nallo

Blue male named Bielkersmils Fantastic Frej of Nallo

Yellow male named Bielkersmils Febrile Yoki of Nallo

Yellowblack male named Bielkersmils Fierce Fantom of Nallo

Black male named Bielkersmils Fearless Frost of Nallo
Fiery Etna
Famous Etna

Cerise male named Bielkersmils Fervid Fuji of Nallo