fredag 30 december 2011

New Years gift

Some days ago we had a very nice New Years gift; the result of the hip X ray of six of our dogs. They all had A-hips so we were really happy. Now we know that 15 out of 18 dogs have A-hips and 2  have B-hips. This is a really good result since the chance that 17 randomly chosen dogs will have either A or B-hips is only about 1%. We conclude that the environment during puppy hood is very likely to be very important for the development of the hips.

We have no snow and no ice, but today it has been a bit cold so maybe there will be a bit of winter. A few days before Christmas we had a little bit of snow, but the day before Christmas the rain took it all away. During this period of very bad weather, icy or muddy roads we have been especially happy about the dogyard where we can let the dogs run loose. They play and run just for the fun of running and as one watches them the heart becomes warm and you feel happy.

Running on icy road

we need to stop and give the dogs water quite frequently as it's a bit warm
                                   One evening we had some snow and the dogs really enjoyed it

torsdag 15 december 2011

Eros X-rayed and eyes checked

Congratulation Marie and Ulf for the good results and thanks a lot for checking this, it's so important for us, to evaluate our breeding. The results will shortly be found in E-litter, under litter-info

söndag 11 december 2011

Quick visit to Åre

On friday we went to Åre by car. The resaon for our visit was that we were going to recieve a diploma for having finished the white ribbon, that is; going from Grövelsjön to Treriksröset in some way without using any kind of vehicle with an engine. This year, in march and april, Håkan and I went from Särna, passing Grövelsjön and going on to Treriksröset. by dog sledge. It was a marvellous adeventure and you can read more about it and se photos if you click on "Expedition with samoyeds in Skanderna".
At the meeting in Åre we were welcomed by Annicka and Torkel Ideström who have started the white and the green ribbon (going from Grövelsjön to Treriksröset in summertime). Invited to the meeting were also Peter Askulv from Klättermusen, Kalle Grahn from Utemagasinet and Elin Engerström who has walked, biked and gone skiing and paddling really long distances. Annicka, Torkel, Peter, Kalle and Elin were the jury that was going to decide if we were going to be awarded a diploma or not. There are several rules that have to be followed so we had to show photos from the tour and tell about it.
It was a very nice meeting and it was especially nice to watch Lars and Nicklas photos and to listen to their stories about their tours. Lars hade walked the green ribbon and Nicklas the white, with dog sledge with Siberian Huskies.

Peter, Nicklas and Håkan

Lars, Torkel, Kalle, Elin, Peter, Nicklas

This lovely cake was the dessert

and we did recieve our diplomas

onsdag 7 december 2011

Merry Christmas

Now it's soon Christmas and we finally had some snow, not enough to go sledriding but the dogs love it and it lightens up the dark evenings.

söndag 4 december 2011

The last puppy has moved

Now Fuji has moved. He is the last pyppy to leave and we are sure he will be happy in his new home together with Roberth and Jenny. We wish the good luck with their new family member.

Fuji "Nimbus" , Roberth and Jenny

söndag 27 november 2011

Exercise yard completed at last

At last the exercise yard for the dogs is completed. And we are so happy and so are the dogs- Singi and Sarek, the "old dogs" seemed very happy to be playing and running loose as well as the youngsters.


onsdag 23 november 2011

Training in warm november

Today we have gone for a twelwe kilometer long trainingtour with our twelwe-team. It was raining and quite windy. The dogs worked fairly good in spite of the bad weather.

Now Fuji has found new owners and will soon move, so we haven't got any more puppies for sale.
Corona did her very best to lick herself so at least the famous samoyed smile would show

Nallo who always does his very best to avoid beeing dirty seemed both happy and satisfied in spite of his very dirty coat

tisdag 15 november 2011

Famous Etna has moved

Last week RoseMarie and Beat from Schweiz visited us. They were here to collect Etna. We wish them good luck with their new familymember and we are sure Etna will soon feel at home together with the rest of the samoyed team.
We had a very nice time training dogs and talking about dogs.

RoseMarie, Beat and Etna

we also had some time for training dogs

we had a cosy time by the fire

lördag 29 oktober 2011

Lovely photos

Today I have recieved some new lovely photos from Lotta and Lars! Enjoy yourself!

Leika enjoyes life

on a lovely autumn walk in the woods

afterwards it's nice to rest close to half sisters daughter

but soon Leika is ready for some excitement again

Lotta and Lexi out for a training tour

Frost has moved

Yet another puppy has moved. I believe Sälka has noticed that her bunch of puppies has shrunk since she seems a bit more concerned.
Frost has moved to his new family in Norway. He left this morning and has a long trip ahead of him since his new home is in Tronfheim at Hilde, Öjvind, their two sons, the cat and the samoyed female Sita. we wish the faily good luck with their new family member and we are sure that Frost soon will feel at home .

Hilde, Frost, Öjvind

torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Frej has moved

Nw Frej has moved to his new owners, Madde and Gustaf in Gothemburg. We wish them good luck with their new familymember and we are sure Frej will enjoy himself.

Gustaf, Madde and Frej
and we are waiting for cooler weather so we can start training properly. Some days ago, in the evening as it was a bit cooler we went for a 12km long trainingtour. The dogs enjoyed it of course, but we know they will like it even better if it's below zero, so now we are hopeing for cooler weather.

söndag 23 oktober 2011

Fiery Etna has moved

So even one more weekend has passed, filled of different chores and dog training. The leaves have fallen and the trees stand all naked. In the evening Jupiter rises and beams brightly on the dark sky next to millions of stars.
Yesterday I groomed both Spira and Birk. The females, who are in the same cage as Birk, seemed to be excited by his new apperance, and I must agree, he did look good.
In the evening, our son Johannes and Håkan went training with eight of the dogs. The temperature was about tern degrees so they weren't to eager to run, hopefully it will be cooler soon.
Today Lotta, Lars and Lexi have visited us to collect Fiery Etna, who will be called Leika. It was so nice to meet them again. Lexi, the daughter of Teusa and Pepper from E-litter, seems to be a very good stepmother.


Lotta. Lars and Leika

fredag 21 oktober 2011

The first puppies have left

Now the two first puppies have left and moved to their new owners. We wish Lotta & Andreas good luck with their new family member and Danielle and Marcus with their new family member. We are quite sure that the puppies will enjoy themselves at their new homes.

Andreas, Lotta and Fierce Fantom

Danielle, Marcus and FebrileYoki

söndag 16 oktober 2011

Puppies almost 8 weeks old

The puppies will be eight weeks this week and some of them will be moving to their new homes. They are all very curious and full of energy so it's not the easiest thing to catch them for a photo.

Winered female has now been named Bielkersmils Famous Etna of Nallo

Bielkersmils Fiery Etna of Nallo

Blue male named Bielkersmils Fantastic Frej of Nallo

Yellow male named Bielkersmils Febrile Yoki of Nallo

Yellowblack male named Bielkersmils Fierce Fantom of Nallo

Black male named Bielkersmils Fearless Frost of Nallo
Fiery Etna
Famous Etna

Cerise male named Bielkersmils Fervid Fuji of Nallo

onsdag 28 september 2011

The puppies almost five weeks old

Some puppies are still available so please call or send an mail if you are interested.

torsdag 15 september 2011

F-litter will have their own page

F-litter will shortly have their own page under litterinfo. On this page you will find photos and other information about the puppies.  We still have four male puppies who are not reserved. Please contact us on  +46700405267 or mail if you are interested in buying a puppy.
Below are some new photos.
Pink female

Winered female

Blue male
Yellow-black male

Black male

Cerise male
Yellow male

måndag 12 september 2011

Puppies are growing fast

Three days ago all the puppies opened their eyes and some of them could walk. Today all of them are able to walk and as you can see it's quite a lot of movement and energy in the puppies box.

torsdag 8 september 2011

lördag 3 september 2011

Corint leaves

Corint (from C-litter) who has stayed with us for some months left for home today. She was soo happy to meet her family again. We will miss her. Below you can see some photos of her.
Some of the puppies have opened their eyes. I will publish some new photos tomorrow.