torsdag 7 mars 2013

Polardistance 160km 2013

He did it again
At 10 o'clock on Wednesday morning Håkan and eight of our dogs left Särna to go 160km sledging.After having gone 75km they arrived at the first checkpoint, Djursvallen at 16.24. The dogs were very fit so Håkan just passed through the checkpoint without any stop. The next stage was 41km and next checkpoint was Lövåsvallen were the team arrived at 20.21. Here the team had to stay untli 20.59 to even the time.

At 20.59 the team left heading for the finish having 44km left to go, and early this morning at 02.05 they finished as winners of Polardistance 160 nome style B class 4-8 dogs. This was the second time that Håkan and our dogs won the Polardistance but last time he went only with four dog,s 300km and by ski, nordic style.

If you like to see photos and read about Polardistance you can check out their website at