torsdag 26 februari 2015

New breed?

Rainy and wet snowy weather for several days has made the snow almost go away and the place where the dogs use to dig in the exercise yard is no longer frozen or covered with snow. This is how Lava and Mieto (two youngsters) looked after playing for some hours in the yard today.

söndag 15 februari 2015

Nordic championship for samoyeds 2015

I'm finally starting to feel better from the flu that I got infected by in Furudal last weekend, so here comes an update with the results. 

In Furudal I competed with sled in the four team class 2x10km and my hope was to defend the results of 2013 and 2014 as the best lady's team and be fortunate to bring with me the fine samoyed statue again. 

Saturday offered cloudy weather with a few degrees of frost and a light snowfall before the start. I had Corona and Ergo in point and as wheel dogs I had Geist and Deimos . I thought they did a good race even if Corona had just passed her season and was not particularly interested in running. 

After Saturday's stage we were on second place. Now we only needed to keep ahead of the third team. On Sunday the weather was almost like on Saturday. I had decided to change a bit in the team and chose to put Deimos in front instead of Corona who I put as wheeldog . It turned out not to be so wise. 

Deimos trotted at a high pace, but refused to go up at a gallop so when the speed was really high , he had a tough job to keep up and did not contribute any power forward. We finished fourth and Camilla Dehlin was the lucky who could bring samoyed statue .
First was Frederick Petri and on third place came a Swiss who won the same class a few years ago . 

I felt nevertheless happy with my dogs and what we had accomplished, given that we train our dogs for long distance and that one of my guide dogs was probably falsely pregnant. 

Awards for the Samoyed of the Year, Sled Dog of the Year  and Show dog of the Year was presented in conjunction with the dinner and we were surprised when the Samoyed of the Year was called out: 

Bielkersmils Hero of Ergo owner : Lotta Eriksson

Congratulations to Lotta and to Lars, who has gone around the race track and show rings with him!

In fourth place was placed our own Bielkersmils Great Geist of Barusi

The Sled Dog of The Year became Bielkersmils Etna of Pepper ( Bielkersmils Ergo points were interposed tied for first place , but Etna was voted by the Board ) . Ergo Bielkersmils of Pepper thus became number two , and sharing third place were Bielkersmils Corall of Allsvinn , Bielkersmils Chinookk of Allsvinn , Bielkersmils Hero of Ergo and Bielkersmils Ejla of Pepper

Really fun was that Madeleine Abrahamsson managed to cope qualifications DP20 on skis with her and Gustafs two dogs  Bielkersmils Fantastic Frey of Nallo and Bielkersmils Igor of Zouroff 

Congratulations to Madde and Gustaf and extra Congratulations to Madde who also received the award for "The Performance of the Year"

Madde, Frej and Igor, well worth the award "Performance of the Year" after having struggled on skis for both 10km and 2x10km
Finally a good ending to the samoyed meeting in Furudal was made by Lars and his eight team (five dogs of his own and three borrowed from us) as they coped qualifications for the DP60-test.

Congrats Lars!

måndag 2 februari 2015

Polardog championship in Orsa 2015

On Saturday and Sunday, 31 / 1-1 / 2-15 Håkan went to Orsa and competed in Polardog Championships . He went by sledge 2x40km with a six team, Corona, Ergo, Etna, Deimos , Geist and Corall . It was tough conditions very loose track , drifting  and falling snow.

Håkan and his team ended as winner in their class and in spite of the conditions  the race time was good. First Day 03:50:55 and second day 04:12:12, a total of about 3 hours before the second team. 

Well done Håkan and the team!

Deimosis enjoying himself in the box and waits for departure to Orsa

Etna is also enjoying herself