måndag 21 juli 2014

Growing puppies

Coronas puppies are now 18 days old. They have opened their eyes and are exploring the whelping box with both nose and eyes, and all of a sudden they fall asleep in the middle of a step.

Coralls puppies are ten days and they too are exploring the whelping box but still only with their nose.

Coronas blue male 14 days

Coronas red male 14 days

Coronas orange female 14 days

söndag 13 juli 2014

Puppies on Bilkersmils kennel

On the 3:rd of July Corona gave birth o seven healthy puppies. There are five males and two females. They grow really fast and I bilieve they soon will be running around in the whelping box.

On the 11/7-14 Corall gave birth to eight healthy puppies, six males and two females.

If you are interested in a puppy there are still a few males left for reservation. Please give us a phonecall or send an e-mail (telephonenumber +46700405267), e-mail: bielkersmils@gmail.com

Corona and her puppies 140704

Blue male one week old

Purple female one week old

Orange female one week old

Pink male one week old

Pink-blue male one week old
Red male one week old

Yellow male one week old

Corall and her puppies 11/7-14, newly born