tisdag 4 augusti 2015

Autumn training has started

Time flies as always  when you're free, and soon the holiday is over.

We are still waiting for Etna to be in heat which she was expected to do by the end of June. 

Two puppies at the kennel waiting to get their rabies syringe so they can move to their new home in Italy and Holland. 

Last week began the fall training. The nights are cold so there will be late night driving. Last night it was eight degrees and we drove the 8km. Moss was in the team of nine dogs for the third time and have not yet really understood what he should do and Charlie wjho came back to the kennelsome time ago,  has settled down well and does a really good job in the team. 

Nice for the dogs to finally get to work - otherwise they are good at to occupy themselves with digging in the yard.
 Mieto also got a training ride yesterday. Along with Arija, one of our senior leadership bitches, he pulled me on the kick bike a short turn at about 2 km. He worked really well so now only remains to train stamina, tendons, ligaments, muscles and the ability to work well in a large team. Lava has also been involved in a large team a couple of times and she needs more practice to become comfortable in the team. 

Just over two weeks ago I went to a dog show in Ransäter. I showed Corona and Geist with a faint hope of CAC even though they were completely out of coat. There were no CAC, but we had to content ourselves with Excellent and ranked first in the working class. I had very good company of Madde who was also there with Frey and Igor. 

Our little Lava is a real filth pig, never have we had a dog that has an outstanding ability to dirty themselves - not easy to see that she was washed a week ago.










Three more dog yards are finished

Beautiful Igor 

Fantastic Frej

Igor and Frej