söndag 12 februari 2012

Samoyed championships in Furudal

On Friday Ergo and Corona went for a show in Furudal. Photos and results will come later in their own sites. On saturday and today Håkan has participated in 2x10km sledge with a six team, Arija, Corona, Deimos, Delta, Ergo and Corall. They finished as number two and the dogs in the team now have done the D20+ test.

Bielka has been digging - with her eye?


fredag 10 februari 2012

Competitions in January

Today the sun shines, and a few degrees below freezing makes the thin covering of snow to creak under your feet.

During January we have participated in two different racesOn 21-22 January, we went to Nederhögen and Håkan competed 2x30km with 4 of our dogs, Arija, AijasDeimos and Corall. He went  Nordic style 2x30km and both days  the time was two hours and eighteen minutes. They passed the D60 test and finished up on second place in the competition. Not bad, 13km / h on average, carrying 54 kg in the sledge.
Next weekend we went again, this time to LekvattnetHåkan now went nordic style 2x10km with Arija, Corona, Deimos and Ergo. First day they went at an average speed of 14.3 km / h and the second day, 15.2 km / h.  They finished as winners and beat number two with a total of 11minutesOn Saturday, Håkan went nordic style 10km with Aijas who finished the distance in 53:50 minutes, and on Sunday with Arija the same distance at the time 48:21 min. With these results both Arija and Aijas fullfill the criteria for S (Polar) champion.

Aijas, Arija, Corall, Deimos and Håkan before start in Nederhögen
Finish at Nederhögen
Håkan and Aijas, finish at Lekvattnet

Håkan and Arija, finish at Lekvattnet