söndag 29 april 2012

Grand slam in Vaggeryd

Yesterday I went for a show for polar dogs in Vaggeryd with Deimos, Corona and Ergo. The result was surprisingly good. There were 33 samoyeds in the show and Corona was Best in Breed and Ergo was Best in opposite sex, Corona was second Best working dogs as well and second Best dog at the show. And Deimos, who went for his first show ever, was number four i his class and awarded Excellent. Judge was Nils-Arne Tärnlöv. The dogs own sites will soon be updated with results, critics and photos.


Ergo and Pernilla

Deimos seemed to think he was at a dograce

Successful debut at show

Congrats to Gustaf, Madde and Frej!

On the fifteenth of april they went for an unofficial show in Varberg.
The result was: Best in Breed and fourth best in the group.
Judge: Stefan Råghammar

The critics:
Soon seven months old. Beautiful overall with correct proportions.
Good head and expression. Good back and body. Well angled both at front and rear. Good tail. Moves in a very good way keeping his proportions as he moves. Well presented.

Proud breeders like to congratulate! Well done Frej, you are the first from F-litter to go to a show and you did well!

fredag 6 april 2012