lördag 24 november 2012

Busy time on the kennel

Now all puppies sold. Hero has moved to Lotta, Lars and the samoyedgirls Lexi and Leika where we think he will thrive just fine.
During All Saints and the days before we had a visit from France. Jerome his wife Caroline, their daughter Clelia and their samoyed dogs and the weekend before Beat and his father from Schweiz were here and picked up Flinka. We trained the dogs and went for a long trip which we ended by a lake where we grilled some sausages.
Two weeks ago we had a puppy meeting. Unfortunately, only Lotta and Lars could come. We had a very nice time and went training with the dogs with both kickbike, ATV and our threewheeled bike both long and shor distances. On Saturday, we went for a long ride of about 45km with the the dogs. We stopped and grilled before Håkan took over the dogs and drove home while Lotta, Lars and I took our cars.

Many thanks to all visitors for the great company!

Hero has moved to Lotta and Lars

Izor and his new family

Beat and our twelve team

Beat and his father Herrmann

Jerome and the twelve team

Jerome, Caroline, Clelia and six of our dogs

Jerome had his birthday and was offered some birthday cake

Caroline and Clelia

Family Bruneau

We visited Utpostens Cafe
Caroline is trying to spin some yarn out of dogs wool

Lras, Lexi and Leika

Lars and the twelve team

Lotta and the twelve team

Christina on kickbike with Spira and Delta

Famous Etna, called Etna (from F-litter) who visited us together with her owner Beat


Leika from F-litter

Lexi from E-litter