torsdag 17 september 2015


A dog's life is in my eyes always too short and sometimes far too short . 

Yesterday on the 16:th of september our beloved Spira (Svartisens Angerboda) went to sleep for good.

It is difficult to find the right words to describe the feelings of grief and loss of a dear friend.

 I know it will feel easier when it has been some time but today the tears burn when I think of the fact that I will never again hear her intense, sharp and happy bark, I will never be able to look into her wise eyes , never again rejoice and be surprised of her amazing leadership qualities that made my sledge tour from Särna to Treriksröset 2011 secure and safe through both communities snowstorm and reindeer herd, never again will I be able to enjoy her loving warmth, never again ...... so much . 

 I hope there is a heaven for dogs and I know that if it does - she has a place in it

onsdag 9 september 2015

All puppies have moved

Now all puppies have moved to their new homes. Bielkersmils Oizo of Deimos aka Doerak moved to Ines and Alrik  in Holland and Bielkersmils Orya of Deimos moved to Marica and Maurizio in Italy. We wish tthem all good luck with their new family members!
Ines, Doerak & Alrik

Marica, Orya & Maurizio

Last friday Marica and Maurizio arrived from Italy to pick up Orya. On Saturday we had a nice walk and barbacue at Brattorsheden.

Marica & Etna


Marica & Orya

Corall & Orya

Maurizio, Marica & Håkan

Uptil today the dogs have ran 200km for training