fredag 6 mars 2015

Newly born puppies and visit from France

During the night to the fourth of march Bielka gave birth to four puppies, three males an one female. You find some photos of the puppies and Bielka below. All puppies are reserved.

Bielka and her four newly born puppies 150304

Puppies feeding 150304

Blue male 150306

All four, blue male, purple male, pink male and the female 150306

female puppy 150306

 Bielka was tired after giving birth 150304

Yesterday, puppy buyers from France came for a short  visit and I had the opportunity to greet Inuk and Jipsy who both had grown up to two well-built young ladies. It was so much fun that they went past , it's always fun to see how the puppies are developed and of course also to meet with our good friends.

Family Bruneau in front of some of their five dogs

Clelia celebrated her fourth birtday 150305

Polardistance 2015 once more

Now I have talked to Håkan again and have to edit some of what I wrote yesterday. 

He was very pleased with dogs that have worked really well throughout the race ( he was out for 22 hours , with an obligatory stop at 10 min for veterinary control , the stop was about 18 minutes as Håkan also took the opportunity to give the dogs food). 

Despite the fact that the dogs had been working for 22 hours they were still alert at the finish line and Håkan meant that there would have been no problem to run them one more lap . 

The veterinaries who check status of the dogs after the race gave him praise, they were all in very good condition. 

 About 27 km before the finish  one ski binding had frozen with the result that he could not lift his foot because then he dropped the ski. Because of this, there was some thirty falls before he finally was able to cross the finish line.

 It was -24 degrees centigrade and full moon at night , harsh trails but excellent temperature for Samoyeds and the samojedhat was nice and warm to wear.
The team reaches the finishline after about 22 hours

torsdag 5 mars 2015

Polardistance 2015

Today Håkan, Corona, Ergo, Geist and Deimos finished as winner of  Polardistance 160km pulka. The condiotions were tough with heavy trails and after about 24hours  25% of the teams had given up.

Håkan was very tired after having gone skiing 180km (the real distance) non stop and the last 25 kilometers one ski binding was broke which didn't make it any easier.
He was satisfied with the dogs who worked very well for about 22 hours, then they were tired and the speed was lowered.
It was extra fun that Håkan and the dogs won for the second time (they won in 2013 as well) over the other polar dog teams, siberian husky, alaskan malamute and greenland dogs. This year the starting field was very big - for start there were 26 teams.

Start of Polardistansce 2015-03-05 with Ergo, Corona, Geist and Deimos

söndag 1 mars 2015

Visit from dear friend

Last friday Pernilla (breeder of Sälka) arrived with Ellinor, the daughter to one of her puppy buyers. On friday we went for a long walk with some of the dogs and later in the evening we ate homemade pizza as we use to do on friday evenings. We had a very nice afternoon.

Yesterday there was a little sunshine so the day was good for taking some new photos of some dogs. After grooming them Pernilla was kind enough to help me. Later on Ellinor washed Salt and then she and Salt fell asleep on the sofa.

Below are some of the photos which Pernilla took.

Bielkersmils Geist of Barusi

Bielkersmils Jotka of Birk

Bielkersmils Jotka of Birk

Bielkersmils Kalla of Nallo
Bielkersmils Lava of Deimos

Bielkersmils Lava of Deimos

Bielkersmils Lava of Deimos

Soon Bielka is supposed to give birth. She has tested the welping box and seemed satisfied. At the moment she is sleeping on the kitchen floor and I wonder if she really will have her puppies on the seventh of March. I think the puppies are quite far back - well time will give us the answer.

Bielka testing the welping box

Bielka has a big puppy stomach