söndag 12 juli 2015

Puppies moving

Now all pups but two have moved. The two who are still at the kennel will be moving to Italy and Holland, and therefor they have to stay at the kennel until the age of at least 15 weeks in order to have a proper protection against rabies.

There is no more puppy available at the moment 

We wish all the new owners good luck with their new family members!

Klara and her mum Anette with Orion aka Neo

Paula and her sons Uljas and Arild with  Orkan aka Frostis

Svein and Mona with Otis aka Hjalmar

Ane and Stian with Orina aka Lumi

Elin with Origo aka Neo

Eva-Lena and her daughter Sofie with Orax aka Fabian

Tom and Annica with Olien

onsdag 8 juli 2015

Good help on the kennel

Yesterday we had a visit from Victor and Ludvig  who helped at the kennel. 

They combed puppies and adult dogs and they took puppies as well as some of the adult dogs for a   walk they were really good at handling dogs.

In the afternoon, when it was a little warmer, we took a walk to Acksjön where we bathed. 

Sälka course, was with us because she loves to swim. 

Sälka (Bivvilis Eminha of My Bluf) is normally very responsive and obedient and therefore she mostly is loose, likewise today, but when we were on our way home and passed the sheep pasture I saw her she shut her ears. 
She peered anxiously for the sheep in the pasture (although she never before had been herding she helped me as I was to move the sheep between two different paddocks, last spring) and so the temptation was too great.
 Despite my emphatic "NO" she slim smoothly between the electrical wires into the pasture and after only half a minute, she had herd half of them and pushed them forward  to the far corner of the paddock. I called her again, but she was not ready. At full speed, she went up in the very rough pasture, over logs and stones and after only a short time she had gathered the remaining six sheep which she quickly shoved to the corner of the pasture where the other stood - now she was ready. Happy and satisfied, she came when I called her - my beloved now advanced in years (she is 10 years and 8 months old), very wise and skilled sleddog that has given us three healthy fine litters and given us so much love and joy. I sincerely hope that she will continue to be healthy and stay with us for many more years. Hopefully she will follow in her fathers steps, Bastian, who is now 14 years and "still going strong"
Ludvig on walk wit one of the pups


Victor on walk with one of the pups

Ludvig and Victor

Both Victor and the puppy had a nice time

måndag 6 juli 2015

Time for puppies to move

The winered male is still available

Now the puppies have been given their kennel names and on thursday the first will be leaving.

It has been very hot in Jonsbyn, about 26 degrees centigrade in the shadow, last days and the dogs have mostly benn laying sleeping in the shadows. Today tough it has been raining almost all day , quite nice and weel -needed. 

In the evenings after working on the dog yards we have been taking a bath in lake Acksjön. Sälka who loves to swim has come along several times and Charlie has also, but he is not keen on swiming at all. 

Some days ago we had a visit from Linnéa, Håkan and Bosse (Bielkersmils Minto of Nallo) Bosse has grown to be a big handsome dog.

Below are some pics of the puppies, Bosse, dog yard building and photos of Charlie and Sälka by lake Acksjön.

Winered male is named Bielkersmils Oizo of Aijas

               Yellow male is named Bielkersmils Origo of Aijas
Red male is named Bielkersmils Orax of Aijas
Orangeblue male is named Bielkersmils Otis of Aijas
Orange male is named Bielkersmils Orion of Aijas
Blue male is named Bielkersmils Orkan of Aijas
Redblue female is named Bielkersmils Orina of Aijas
Purple female is named  Bielkersmils Orya of Aijas
Pink female is named Bielkersmils Olien of Aijas

Bosse (Bielkersmils Minto of Nallo)  almost one year old

Bosse has grown to be a big handsome dog

Some pics from building new dog yards

Old dog yards

Pile of drainage gravel to be moved up to the dog yards

First loads done

All done

Some trees need to be cut down to make room for the new dog yards
then came Henrik and made the ground work

Putting drainage in the ground

Reinforcement mats to stop the dogs from digging themselves out

The trees are going to become boards

Charlie checks out the gravel for the dog yards

lots of gravel to be moved by wheel barrel- Håkan struggled hard in the summer heat

Charlie says that Håkan made a good work
Puzzeling the parts of the fence

Starting to build the roof

Some lovely pics from our lake



Sälka loves to swim