söndag 12 juli 2015

Puppies moving

Now all pups but two have moved. The two who are still at the kennel will be moving to Italy and Holland, and therefor they have to stay at the kennel until the age of at least 15 weeks in order to have a proper protection against rabies.

There is no more puppy available at the moment 

We wish all the new owners good luck with their new family members!

Klara and her mum Anette with Orion aka Neo

Paula and her sons Uljas and Arild with  Orkan aka Frostis

Svein and Mona with Otis aka Hjalmar

Ane and Stian with Orina aka Lumi

Elin with Origo aka Neo

Eva-Lena and her daughter Sofie with Orax aka Fabian

Tom and Annica with Olien

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