söndag 16 oktober 2011

Puppies almost 8 weeks old

The puppies will be eight weeks this week and some of them will be moving to their new homes. They are all very curious and full of energy so it's not the easiest thing to catch them for a photo.

Winered female has now been named Bielkersmils Famous Etna of Nallo

Bielkersmils Fiery Etna of Nallo

Blue male named Bielkersmils Fantastic Frej of Nallo

Yellow male named Bielkersmils Febrile Yoki of Nallo

Yellowblack male named Bielkersmils Fierce Fantom of Nallo

Black male named Bielkersmils Fearless Frost of Nallo
Fiery Etna
Famous Etna

Cerise male named Bielkersmils Fervid Fuji of Nallo

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