onsdag 13 maj 2015

News about puppies

There are still some male puppies available from the litter of Corall and Aijas 

Then days ago all male puppies from Bielka and Deimos´ litter moved to their new homes. Nikka, who is going to move to Poland, is staying for some more weeks at the kennel.
We wish all new owners Good Luck with their new family members!

Last night Corall gave birth to nine healthy puppies, six males and three females. The females are already reserved but there are still some male puppies available.

Bielkersmils Narek of  Deimos aka Kirin moved tol Anna-Karin, Freja and Patrik

Bielkersmils Nanook of Deimos aka Nanook moved Lotta and Lars

Bielkersmils Naldo of Deimos aka Sparco moved to Nicklas and Elin

Corall likes the puppies to be where she can se them

Corall,tired and proud mother

Careful puppy wash

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