torsdag 28 maj 2015

Great Jamarofs Manka aka Singi, Working-dog breed award

Today pdp SE(Polar)CH Great Jamarofs Manka aka Singi (Breeder : Elga​)  was awarded a Working dog breed award. She is the mother of some of our best working dogs. She has left excellent mentality and movement to her puppies.
Bielkersmils Corona of Allsvinn, Bielkersmils Corall of Allsvinn, Bielkersmils Chinook of Allsvinn, Bielkersmils Birk of Kartman are all awarded pdp and SE(Polar)CH, and Bielkersmils Bielka pdp (misses only one test  to SE(Polar)CH). Singi has been quite successful in the trail she has, besides the shorter race tests needed for the pdp and SE(Polar)CH,  finished Polardistance 300km, Femundrace 400km and of course she was a part of our expedition for seven weeks in the swedish mountains in 2011.
Her grandpuppies have already shown great working abilities.
We are so happy for this award and we send our Congrats to Elga Carlsson at Kennel Great.

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