fredag 8 juli 2011

Herding sheep

Today some of our dogs have tried to herd our sheep. Since it was their first time I believe it went quite good. Hopefully it will work even better in a bigger yard with less bushes and shorter grass.
Delta probably found the sheep a bit frightning so she pretended to be a sheep and started grazing

Who is the strongest? Ergo or the ram?
Maybe we shall play instead
Ergo really should have needed eyes in the back of his head
At last both ram, ewe and lamb were on the right side
Nallo really enjoyed himself herding the sheep. He didn't get afraid although the ewe were quite angry and tried to horn him. Unfortunately I didn't get any photo from the herding since I ran behind all the time, to be sure noone got hurt. After herding Nallo couldn't let the sheep out of sight.

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