fredag 1 juli 2016

Some pics of the new born

So far, blind , whimpering little helpless puppies that make the heart melt, crawling around in the whelping box and looking for mother's warm fur and tits.

 A little anxious nights when Jotka due afterpains digs in the whelping box with the risk that any puppy will disappear under the wetbeden makes me half slumbering trying to sleep on a mattress next to the whelping box . Jotka licking and puffing and constantly monitored the puppies . 

A quick walk and then jog back to the whelping box where all the puppies are inspected carefully before she can settle and merely regard the puppies within seconds find their way to the tits and eagerly push to find the best

. If you are interested in buying a puppy please contact at :

 Phone : +46700405267 

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