tisdag 1 december 2015

Successful puppy buyers

When the days are filled with work, and evenings of dog training and care of dogs  time flies and to update the site ends up not top of the priority list. Since I last wrote, some of our puppy buyers have been successful. First it was Gustaf and Madde on Polardog- show in Visseltofta . Bielkersmils offsprings showed themselves from their best side and Bielkersmils Igor of Zouroff got his first CAC and was 2nd best male and Bielkersmils Fantastic Frey of Nallo BOS, both with very good critique . Congratulations to Madde and Gustaf!
Frej & Igor

Frej (to the right)best champion male and BOS

Igor best working male, 2:a best male with CAC
In November, Lars and Lotta went to show in Sollefteå and even here Bielkersmils offsprings were very successful. Bielkersmils Ejla of Pepper aka Lexie was second best bitch with CAC and Bielkersmils Irja of Zouroff was fifth best bitch with reserve CAC and Ice was third best working male. Congratulations to Lotta and Lars!


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