lördag 22 november 2014

Puppy meeting november 2014

On the 22:nd of november we had a puppy meeting. Alltogether we were thirteen people and 29 dogs. We trained the dogs, grilled some sausage, talked and learned about dog training, watched some photos and had dinner together. We had a very nice day and there was strangely enough no rain. Thanks a lot to all of you who came to visit us!

Three puppies from this years litters came along and they spent all day in the exercise yard. They all were so white and clean as they arrived but after playing and digging all day they were totally black - anyway I'm sure they really enjoyed themselves.

There are no puppies for sale at the moment, but we are planning one - three litters next year. The site puppy info will be updated as soon as we have decided.

Below are some pics from the puppy meeting
Henrik with Loke and Singi

Tony with Douglas and Charlie

Michael and Ida with six of our dogs

Håkan, Ida and the six team

Linnéa with Corall and Delta

Mathilda with Loke and Singi

Siw and Mathilda with Douglas, Charlie, Loke and Singi

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