tisdag 22 oktober 2013

No more puppies for sale at the moment

We have no puppies for sale at the moment, but plan two or possibly three litters in the spring so let us know if you are interested.

We are looking for a new home to Allak (Svartisens Allsvinn). He is a very friendly and social male born in 2006. The reason he is for sale is that he unfortunately does not really keep up with the other dogs pace as we go training.
If you are interested in buying him, you need to be able to offer him a permanent loving and active home. Allak have proven himself in both sledging and in the show ring and is both sled dog champion S (Polar) CH and Swedish  show champion SEUCH.
 If  you are interested  please call +46700405267 or  send an mail to bielkersmils@gmail.com

On Sunday the last puppy frrom Spira and Birks' litter moved. The puppy who moved last Sunday was Bielkersmils Joyk of Birk aka Akilles. He moved to Isabella and we wish her the best of luck with him!
Isabella and Akilles (Bielkersmils Joyk of Birk)
Bielkersmils Jalla of Birk and Bielkersmils Järv of Birk aka Ljum-Ljum also have moved. Jalla moved to family Memner and we wish them best of luck with their new family member.
family Memner and Bielkersmils Jalla of Birk
 and Järv moved to Maria and Tobias. we wish thembest of luck with their new family member.
Maria, Tobias and Ljum-Ljum

Bielkersmils Juvel Garonnemoved to Rose-Marie and Beat in Schweiz. We wish Rose-marie and Beat best of luck with Garonne.

Rose-Marie, Beat and Garonne

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