måndag 23 juli 2012

Famous and Merlin have moved

A week ago, Famous moved to her new owners in Switzerland. We wish them luck with their new family member and we are sure that Famous will thrive in her new flock, where she also has her relative Etna. Merlin also moved and he Beat and RoseMarie to Cornelia and Eugene. We wish them also good luck with their new family member.
Rosemarie with Merlin and Beat with Famous

Hakan and Birk have now left on their long hike from Grövelsjön. He plans to be out for 7 weeks. They start at Grövelsjön towards Treriksröset. You can read about their hike in the blog "Samoyedman" which you can find among our blogs.

Yesterday I went to show in Köping with Ergo and Delta. You will find their results on their own pages.

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