torsdag 1 mars 2012

Arija mated and dream target achieved

Yesterday Arija and I were at Polarullen and Arija and Barusi mated so now we are hoping Arija will give birth to many healthy puppies who will be born about the first of May.The puppies will be ready to deliver eight weeks after they are born. We are hopeing these puppies will become really good working dogs/sledgedogs with a lot of energy. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in a puppy.

Team Bielkersmils have been to two more competitions after the Nordic championships in Furudal. On the 18-19 february Håkan went to Nornäs with Arija, Delta, Deimos and Corona. They finished as number two in their class, 2x30km nordic style. The dogs own sites are updated with the results. One week later they went to Ryssjön for a new race. This time Håkan went by sledge, 2 x 32,9km (according to the track maker) with Arija, Aijas, Spira, Corona, Corall, Ergo, Delta and Deimos (Aijas was taken out of the team day two since he was showing symptoms of a cold). The team finished as number one and achieved the dream target, going 30km in less than 2 hours, and in a good margin since the track was well over 30km.
The total time of the race was 4hours and 17 seconds.

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