lördag 17 april 2010

Prime bare ground training 2010-04-09

Now the snow has almost gone away in Jonsbyn so today was the first training tour on bare ground.
After having rested scarce fourteen days the dogs were really on the ball and Aijas did brave attempt to get himself into the harness probably because he thought that math was too slow.

with Håkan on the ATV, Arija Aijas in point and the other eight adult dogs behind, they went off in full speed. I ran quickly and brought the camera, got up on the bike and pedaled after them. My almost totally untrained legs soon was really tired and I sweated profusely. I was expecting to see the team in front of me quite soon, but they had really been running fast so I didn't catch up with them until four kilometers. Hakan confirmed that they had worked fantastically well. They had swept past the neighbor's dogs so quickly that none of them had seemed to understand what happened.
After about 5km we gave them water and after about 1km further Hakan made the assessment that there was enough for today and turned homeward.

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