lördag 2 juli 2016

Corona has moved inside to the whelping box

Jotkas puppies are growing fast and Jotka does not seem to have a quiet time , but has constantly a number of enjoyable sucking puppies lying with her. 

Since the time of Corona's birth approaches , she has now moved into the whelping box . She seemed to think it was good to move inside and immediately made ​​herself at home , rummaged around in the box before in the traditional doggystyle spinn around a few laps before finally lie down and together with dad listen to the football game on the radio . 

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Corona i valplådan

Corona är rund om magen

fredag 1 juli 2016

Some pics of the new born

So far, blind , whimpering little helpless puppies that make the heart melt, crawling around in the whelping box and looking for mother's warm fur and tits.

 A little anxious nights when Jotka due afterpains digs in the whelping box with the risk that any puppy will disappear under the wetbeden makes me half slumbering trying to sleep on a mattress next to the whelping box . Jotka licking and puffing and constantly monitored the puppies . 

A quick walk and then jog back to the whelping box where all the puppies are inspected carefully before she can settle and merely regard the puppies within seconds find their way to the tits and eagerly push to find the best

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tisdag 28 juni 2016

Jotka has given birth

Yesterday night Jotka gave birth to ten puppies, five females and five males, all healthy and quite big. It is Jotkas´first litter and she takes care of the puppies as an experienced mother.
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Proud mother

Orange female

feeding style differs

Jotka is keeping an eye on the puppies

All is quiet all is calm and Jotka is resting

söndag 19 juni 2016

Pregnant females with round bellies

Now both Jotka and Corona have really round stomachs and even Etna has a slight increase in waist circumference . 

Daytime temperatures ranged between 15 and 22 degrees in recent weeks and have not dropped to  training temperature (max 12 degrees ) other than in the the middle of the night so now the dogs started well deserved rest. 

Soon whelping box will be cleaned and Jotka will be acquainted with it so that she feels safe for birth.
Jotka 160618




måndag 6 juni 2016

Puppy meeting in june 2016, puppies are expected in july

We have had a fantastic relaxing weekend hiking with our dogs, grilling and of course a lot of talk about dogs and very nice company from Nadia, Madde and Gustaf. We understood that many more would have liked to be involved but since the meeting was scheduled with little short notice, there were many who were busy with other things (we'll try to plan futher ahead next time). Madde, Gustaf, Frej and Igor came already on Saturday afternoon so we had time for an evening swim for the dogs in Acksjön. On Sunday morning, Nadia and Penny joined. We went for a about 13km long hike with the dogs. Halfway we stopped and grilled. It was a wonderfully beautiful June day with perfect hiking temperature and both dogs and people enjoyed the day. In the evening we saw the film The Great Alone (a documentary about Lance Mackey, multiple winner of the Iditarod). 

Thank you Madde, Gustaf and Nadia for coming with your dogs!

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måndag 30 maj 2016

Puppies are expected in july

Now both Bielkersmils Jatka of Birk , Bielkersmils Coronation of Allsvinn and Bielkersmils of Etna Pepper parade. 
Jatka is expected to give birth to their pups around 1/7-16 and the puppies will then be ready for delivery about 26/8-16 .   
Corona is expected to give birth to her puppies around the 11/7-16 and the puppies will then be ready for delivery about 5/9-16 .    
Etna is expected to give birth to their pups around the 28/7 and the puppies will then be ready for delivery about 22/9 . 

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Bielkersmils Great Geist of Barusi father of Jatkas´puppies


Bielkersmils Ergo of Pepper father of Coronas´puppies


Svartisens Ivan Av Tundra father of Etnas´puppies

tisdag 10 maj 2016

Puppies are expected in July

Now both Jotka & Geist and Corona & Ergo are mated. Expected birth of Jotkas´puppies is 1/7  and Coronas´ puppies 12/7. The puppies will be ready for delivery no earlier than 8 weeks after birth.

You find more information about the litters under the tab Puppy info .

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